Venti Tre Restaurant Opening


Here’s a restaurant opening we covered for a wonderful new venue in Canton, Venti Tre. It’s fast casual Italian with a great staff. It’s been well-received!

Venti_Tre_Opening_02 Venti_Tre_Opening_03 Venti_Tre_Opening_04 Venti_Tre_Opening_05 Venti_Tre_Opening_06 Venti_Tre_Opening_07 Venti_Tre_Opening_08 Venti_Tre_Opening_09 Venti_Tre_Opening_10 Venti_Tre_Opening_11 Venti_Tre_Opening_12 Venti_Tre_Opening_13

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Yi & Zhen’s Baltimore Portrait Session


Our couple loved everything about the Inner Harbor so we simply went exploring. They were so much fun and we could have gone on for hours and hours!

Baltimore_Harbor_Engagement_02 Baltimore_Harbor_Engagement_03 Baltimore_Harbor_Engagement_04 Baltimore_Harbor_Engagement_05 Baltimore_Harbor_Engagement_06 Baltimore_Harbor_Engagement_07 Baltimore_Harbor_Engagement_08 Baltimore_Harbor_Engagement_09 Baltimore_Harbor_Engagement_10 Baltimore_Harbor_Engagement_11 Baltimore_Harbor_Engagement_12 Baltimore_Harbor_Engagement_13

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Bridget & Dan’s Fells Point Engagement Session


We shot this engagement shoot down in Fell’s Point where Dan first met Bridget. All the memories came flowing in as we canvassed the area on this spectacular sunny day!

Baltimore_Engagement_02 Baltimore_Engagement_03 Baltimore_Engagement_04 Baltimore_Engagement_05 Baltimore_Engagement_06 Baltimore_Engagement_07 Baltimore_Engagement_08 Baltimore_Engagement_09 Baltimore_Engagement_10 Baltimore_Engagement_11 Baltimore_Engagement_12 Baltimore_Engagement_13 Baltimore_Engagement_14 Baltimore_Engagement_15 Baltimore_Engagement_16

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