Sheena & Michael’s Wedding at Baltimore Chase Court


Sheena and Michael chose the charming Chase Court in downtown Baltimore for their cozy wedding ceremony. It was a lovely day inside and out, with our couple wearing classic attire to compliment the historic venue.

Chase_Court_Wedding_02 Chase_Court_Wedding_03 Chase_Court_Wedding_04 Chase_Court_Wedding_05 Chase_Court_Wedding_06 Chase_Court_Wedding_07

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Valerie & Dave’s Wedding at Valley Country Club


Good advice for the day: “Keep calm and say I do!”

A little bit of fun, charm, and class that Valerie and Dave brought to the occasion at the Valley Mansion.

Valley_Inn_Wedding_02 Valley_Inn_Wedding_03 Valley_Inn_Wedding_04 Valley_Inn_Wedding_05 Valley_Inn_Wedding_06 Valley_Inn_Wedding_07 Valley_Inn_Wedding_08 Valley_Inn_Wedding_09 Valley_Inn_Wedding_10 Valley_Inn_Wedding_11 Valley_Inn_Wedding_12 Valley_Inn_Wedding_13 Valley_Inn_Wedding_14 Valley_Inn_Wedding_15 Valley_Inn_Wedding_16 Valley_Inn_Wedding_17 Valley_Inn_Wedding_18 Valley_Inn_Wedding_19 Valley_Inn_Wedding_20 Valley_Inn_Wedding_21 Valley_Inn_Wedding_22

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Mansion at Valley Country Club

Cake: Artistic Desserts

Florals: Rutland Beard


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Amanda & Adam’s Wedding at the American Visionary Art Museum


What a fun wedding! Amanda and Adam wore the purple, climbed the staircase (of the Harbor Court Hotel!), and cracked the egg (of AVAM!). This day (and night) simply had it all!

AVAM_Wedding-2 AVAM_Wedding-3 AVAM_Wedding-4 AVAM_Wedding-5 AVAM_Wedding-6 AVAM_Wedding-7 AVAM_Wedding-8 AVAM_Wedding-9 AVAM_Wedding-10 AVAM_Wedding-11 AVAM_Wedding-12 AVAM_Wedding-13 AVAM_Wedding-14 AVAM_Wedding-15 AVAM_Wedding-16 AVAM_Wedding-17 AVAM_Wedding-18 AVAM_Wedding-19 AVAM_Wedding-20 AVAM_Wedding-21 AVAM_Wedding-22 AVAM_Wedding-23 AVAM_Wedding-24 AVAM_Wedding-25 AVAM_Wedding-26 AVAM_Wedding-27 AVAM_Wedding-28 AVAM_Wedding-29 AVAM_Wedding-30 AVAM_Wedding-31 AVAM_Wedding-32 AVAM_Wedding-33 AVAM_Wedding-34 AVAM_Wedding-35 AVAM_Wedding-36 AVAM_Wedding-37 AVAM_Wedding-38 AVAM_Wedding-39 AVAM_Wedding-40

Wedding Details:

Pre-Wedding Venue: Royal Sonesta Harbor Court

Wedding Venue: AVAM

Caterer: Chef’s Expressions

Florals: Crimson & Clover

Music: Round Midnight (Entertainment Exchange)


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Bridget & Dan’s Wedding at Hillendale Country Club


Sometimes the blues are a good thing – as in all the great blue color from Bridget and Dan’s naval toned decor at the Hillendale Country Club. ¬†It’s complete with his military uniform, “anchored” cake, and “crabby” favors!

Hillendale_Wedding-2 Hillendale_Wedding-3 Hillendale_Wedding-4 Hillendale_Wedding-5 Hillendale_Wedding-6 Hillendale_Wedding-7 Hillendale_Wedding-8 Hillendale_Wedding-9 Hillendale_Wedding-10 Hillendale_Wedding-11 Hillendale_Wedding-12 Hillendale_Wedding-13 Hillendale_Wedding-14 Hillendale_Wedding-15 Hillendale_Wedding-16 Hillendale_Wedding-17 Hillendale_Wedding-18 Hillendale_Wedding-19 Hillendale_Wedding-20 Hillendale_Wedding-21 Hillendale_Wedding-22 Hillendale_Wedding-23 Hillendale_Wedding-24 Hillendale_Wedding-25 Hillendale_Wedding-26 Hillendale_Wedding-27 Hillendale_Wedding-28 Hillendale_Wedding-29 Hillendale_Wedding-30 Hillendale_Wedding-31 Hillendale_Wedding-32 Hillendale_Wedding-33 Hillendale_Wedding-34 Hillendale_Wedding-35 Hillendale_Wedding-36 Hillendale_Wedding-37 Hillendale_Wedding-38

Wedding Details:

Ceremony Venue: St. Francis Xavier

Reception Venue: Hillendale Country Club

Planner: Elle Ellinghaus Designs

Cake: Yia Yia’s

Hair and Makeup: Bridal Beauty Associates

Florals: Janda Florist

DJ: Absolute Entertainment

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