Kierra & Marcus’ Wedding at the Peabody Library


Kierra and Marcus had one stunning wedding!! The George Peabody Library is one of our favorite venues to photograph, and this gorgeous couple (along with Classic Catering, Event Dynamics, Pink Orchard and Fresh Bakery) certainly heightened its appeal.  Of course purple is one of our favorite colors too!

Peabody_Wedding02 Peabody_Wedding03 Peabody_Wedding04 Peabody_Wedding05 Peabody_Wedding06 Peabody_Wedding07 Peabody_Wedding08 Peabody_Wedding09 Peabody_Wedding10 Peabody_Wedding11 Peabody_Wedding12 Peabody_Wedding13 Peabody_Wedding14 Peabody_Wedding15 Peabody_Wedding16 Peabody_Wedding17 Peabody_Wedding18 Peabody_Wedding19 Peabody_Wedding20 Peabody_Wedding21 Peabody_Wedding22

Ceremony and Reception Venue: George Peabody Library

Catering: Classic Catering

Cake: Fresh Bakery

Florals: Pink Orchard

DJ: Paul Williams

Lighting: Event Dynamics

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Bill & Pete’s Wedding at the Baltimore Museum of Art

Baltimore_Museum_Wedding_01 \

Beautiful gardens, stunning art, colorful socks, origami crabs, and cacti – just a few of the things that made Bill & Pete’s lovely ceremony at the Baltimore Museum of Art one of a kind!

Baltimore_Museum_Wedding_02 Baltimore_Museum_Wedding_03 Baltimore_Museum_Wedding_04 Baltimore_Museum_Wedding_05 Baltimore_Museum_Wedding_06 Baltimore_Museum_Wedding_07 Baltimore_Museum_Wedding_08 Baltimore_Museum_Wedding_09 Baltimore_Museum_Wedding_10 Baltimore_Museum_Wedding_11 Baltimore_Museum_Wedding_12 Baltimore_Museum_Wedding_13 Baltimore_Museum_Wedding_14 Baltimore_Museum_Wedding_15 Baltimore_Museum_Wedding_16 Baltimore_Museum_Wedding_17 Baltimore_Museum_Wedding_18 Baltimore_Museum_Wedding_19 Baltimore_Museum_Wedding_20 Baltimore_Museum_Wedding_21 Baltimore_Museum_Wedding_22

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Baltimore Museum of Art

Caterer: Gertrudes

Cake: Bonjour

Florist: Dutch Connection

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Alacia & Jason’s Wedding at Ceresville Mansion


Congratulations to Alacia and Jason for their recent wedding! This was the third wedding in our bride’s family that we covered and it was great to see so many familiar faces. Ceresville Mansion had so many lovely locations for photo-ops and our couple was excited to explore them all!

Ceresville_Mansion_Wedding_02 Ceresville_Mansion_Wedding_03 Ceresville_Mansion_Wedding_04 Ceresville_Mansion_Wedding_05 Ceresville_Mansion_Wedding_06 Ceresville_Mansion_Wedding_07 Ceresville_Mansion_Wedding_08 Ceresville_Mansion_Wedding_09 Ceresville_Mansion_Wedding_10 Ceresville_Mansion_Wedding_11 Ceresville_Mansion_Wedding_12 Ceresville_Mansion_Wedding_13 Ceresville_Mansion_Wedding_14 Ceresville_Mansion_Wedding_15 Ceresville_Mansion_Wedding_16 Ceresville_Mansion_Wedding_17 Ceresville_Mansion_Wedding_18 Ceresville_Mansion_Wedding_19 Ceresville_Mansion_Wedding_20 Ceresville_Mansion_Wedding_21 Ceresville_Mansion_Wedding_22 Ceresville_Mansion_Wedding_23

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Ceresville Mansion

Cake: Sugar Bakers

Florist: Abloom

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