Vaishali and Vishal’s Wedding at the Hyatt Regency Baltimore

This week we have an absolutely gorgeous Indian wedding. There are so many special rituals and visually rich elements that we have always loved to be a part of. I invited Vaishali, our bride, to be guest blogger and she has graciously agreed to provide her comments and insight into the world of Indian weddings.

Indian weddings are a feast for the senses filled with bright and vibrant colors, traditions and rituals, lively music, and celebration amongst family and friends. Our wedding was no exception!


The festivities kicked off several days prior to the actual wedding with the Mehendi celebration, during which I had mehendi (or henna) applied to my hands and feet. The intricate patterns and design of the mehendi, meticulously applied by a mehendi artist, serve as decoration and a symbol of good luck for the bride.

Hyatt_Baltimore_Wedding_02 Hyatt_Baltimore_Wedding_03 Hyatt_Baltimore_Wedding_04 Hyatt_Baltimore_Wedding_05 Hyatt_Baltimore_Wedding_06 Hyatt_Baltimore_Wedding_07

My bridesmaids, many having never attended an Indian wedding before, were excited to have mehendi done as well!

Hyatt_Baltimore_Wedding_08 Hyatt_Baltimore_Wedding_09

Amidst all the tradition and ritual, we still managed to enjoy some silliness prior to the ceremony.

Hyatt_Baltimore_Wedding_10 Hyatt_Baltimore_Wedding_11 Hyatt_Baltimore_Wedding_12

Vishal (my groom) arrived to the ceremony site in a Barat, a traditional procession of music and dancing along with all of his family and friends. Even though the skies were cloudy and a faint drizzle was falling, the groom’s side danced and celebrated the start of the wedding ceremony with excitement!

Hyatt_Baltimore_Wedding_13 Hyatt_Baltimore_Wedding_14 Hyatt_Baltimore_Wedding_15

My family welcomed Vishal’s family and the entire Barat procession by performing an aarti, a traditional Hindu blessing. After this greeting, my parents led Vishal and his family to the mandap for the ceremony.

Hyatt_Baltimore_Wedding_16 Hyatt_Baltimore_Wedding_17 Hyatt_Baltimore_Wedding_18 Hyatt_Baltimore_Wedding_19

Indian wedding ceremonies take place under a decorated canopy called a mandap. Priti Verma, of L’Ambiance, did an amazing job with the mandap and the rest of the décor.


Hyatt_Baltimore_Wedding_21 Hyatt_Baltimore_Wedding_22 Hyatt_Baltimore_Wedding_23

Vishal and I were separated by a cloth called an antarpat during the first part of our ceremony. The antarpat symbolizes our separate identities and harkens back to early days when brides and grooms were arranged to be married and did not meet before the auspicious occasion of marriage. During this time several family friends and relatives sang the Mangalashtak, an eight verse song specially written for the bride and groom on their wedding day. After each verse, guests showered their blessings on us in the form of akshata (rice). At the end of the Mangalashtak, the antarpat was lowered and we exchanged garlands, welcoming each into the other’s life.


My brothers made it difficult for Vishal to place the garland around my neck!


My parents placed my hands into Vishal’s, signifying the giving away of the bride and the immense trust they are placing in Vishal to be a good husband to their daughter.



Though not an actual religious tradition, a significant cultural addition to the ceremony is the point when the bride’s brothers twist the groom’s ears. My brothers tweaked Vishal’s ears as a playful reminder to take care of their sister.



The final and most binding of all the rituals is Saptapadi. During this ritual, Vishal and I took seven steps together to symbolize a set of vows we take as a couple. As we took each step, we recited the vows before our family and friends. After the seventh step, we were officially married!

Hyatt_Baltimore_Wedding_30 Hyatt_Baltimore_Wedding_31 Hyatt_Baltimore_Wedding_32 Hyatt_Baltimore_Wedding_33 Hyatt_Baltimore_Wedding_34 Hyatt_Baltimore_Wedding_35 Hyatt_Baltimore_Wedding_36 Hyatt_Baltimore_Wedding_37 Hyatt_Baltimore_Wedding_38 Hyatt_Baltimore_Wedding_39 Hyatt_Baltimore_Wedding_40 Hyatt_Baltimore_Wedding_41 Hyatt_Baltimore_Wedding_42 Hyatt_Baltimore_Wedding_43 Hyatt_Baltimore_Wedding_44 Hyatt_Baltimore_Wedding_45 Hyatt_Baltimore_Wedding_46 Hyatt_Baltimore_Wedding_47 Hyatt_Baltimore_Wedding_48

Vishal’s brother, an avid musician, allowed us the pleasure of hearing him play the saxophone.



DJ Jatin of DC Vibez got everyone on the dance floor and kept the party going strong
all night!

0725 0731 0754 0821 0843 0850


Venue: Hyatt Regency Baltimore

Florals & Decor: L’Ambiance

Caterer: Bombay Tandoor

Cake: Sugar Bakers

Entertainment: DC Vibez

Planner: Erica Schlatter (Hyatt)

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Kumon Conference at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront


This is a great example of an international conference hosted at the Marriott Waterfront Hotel in Baltimore.  The days were filled with educational materials, while the evenings were filled with a host of activities and an abundance of color!

Marriott_Kumon_02 Marriott_Kumon_03 Marriott_Kumon_04 Marriott_Kumon_05 Marriott_Kumon_06 Marriott_Kumon_07 Marriott_Kumon_08 Marriott_Kumon_09 Marriott_Kumon_10 Marriott_Kumon_11 Marriott_Kumon_12 Marriott_Kumon_13 Marriott_Kumon_14 Marriott_Kumon_15 Marriott_Kumon_16 Marriott_Kumon_17 Marriott_Kumon_18 Marriott_Kumon_19 Marriott_Kumon_20 Marriott_Kumon_21 Marriott_Kumon_22 Marriott_Kumon_23 Marriott_Kumon_24 Marriott_Kumon_25 Marriott_Kumon_26 Marriott_Kumon_27 Marriott_Kumon_28 Marriott_Kumon_29 Marriott_Kumon_30 Marriott_Kumon_31 Marriott_Kumon_32 Marriott_Kumon_33 Marriott_Kumon_34 Marriott_Kumon_35 Marriott_Kumon_36 Marriott_Kumon_37 Marriott_Kumon_38 Marriott_Kumon_39 Marriott_Kumon_40

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Brynn and Gerry’s Wedding at the Marriott Waterfront


Our bride looked stunning in her wedding gown!

Baltimore_Marriott_03 Baltimore_Marriott_04 Baltimore_Marriott_05 Baltimore_Marriott_06 Baltimore_Marriott_07 Baltimore_Marriott_08

The groom is sporting special cuff links from Brynn and a good way to organize the guys is to give them socks labeled with their “job titles”!

Baltimore_Marriott_09 Baltimore_Marriott_10 Baltimore_Marriott_11 Baltimore_Marriott_12 Baltimore_Marriott_13 Baltimore_Marriott_14 Baltimore_Marriott_15 Baltimore_Marriott_16 Baltimore_Marriott_17 Baltimore_Marriott_18 Baltimore_Marriott_19 Baltimore_Marriott_20 Baltimore_Marriott_21

The Marriott Waterfront and staff was excellent (as usual).

Baltimore_Marriott_22 Baltimore_Marriott_23 Baltimore_Marriott_24 Baltimore_Marriott_25 Baltimore_Marriott_26 Baltimore_Marriott_27 Baltimore_Marriott_28

This picture needs a bit of explaining. Gerry is a member of our law enforcement here in Maryland!

Baltimore_Marriott_29 Baltimore_Marriott_30

Great dancing all night long!

Baltimore_Marriott_31 Baltimore_Marriott_32 Baltimore_Marriott_33 Baltimore_Marriott_34

Bryn’s dress is a little the worse for wear (did I mention lots of dancing with this group?)

Baltimore_Marriott_35 Baltimore_Marriott_36 Baltimore_Marriott_37

Venue: Baltimore Marriott Waterfront

Entertainment: Crow Entertainment

Florals: My Flower Box

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Carrie and Kristaps’ Wedding at the Visionary Art Museum


It’s always a feast for the eyes at the American Visionary Art Museum, so much to see and do there.

AVAM_Wedding_02 AVAM_Wedding_03 AVAM_Wedding_04 AVAM_Wedding_05 AVAM_Wedding_06 AVAM_Wedding_07 AVAM_Wedding_08 AVAM_Wedding_09 AVAM_Wedding_10 AVAM_Wedding_11 AVAM_Wedding_12 AVAM_Wedding_13 AVAM_Wedding_14 AVAM_Wedding_15 AVAM_Wedding_16 AVAM_Wedding_17

Their ceremony was next to the adjoining garden, which adds a special atmosphere to the proceedings.

AVAM_Wedding_18 AVAM_Wedding_19 AVAM_Wedding_20 AVAM_Wedding_21 AVAM_Wedding_22 AVAM_Wedding_23 AVAM_Wedding_24

Chefs Expressions contributed their own unique and very tasty foods and the colorful table linens were perfect for the garden style of this summer event.

AVAM_Wedding_25 AVAM_Wedding_26 AVAM_Wedding_27 AVAM_Wedding_28 AVAM_Wedding_29 AVAM_Wedding_30 AVAM_Wedding_31 AVAM_Wedding_32 AVAM_Wedding_33 AVAM_Wedding_34

Venue: The American Visionary Art Museum

Caterer: Chef’s Expressions

Entertainment: Classic Disc Jockeys

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