Amanda & Andrew’s Wedding at Richardson Farms


This was our first encounter with Richardson Farm for a wedding event, and it did not disappoint. Amanda and Andrew loved its rustic charm and view, and so did I!

Richardson_Farms_Wedding-2 Richardson_Farms_Wedding-3 Richardson_Farms_Wedding-4 Richardson_Farms_Wedding-5 Richardson_Farms_Wedding-6 Richardson_Farms_Wedding-7 Richardson_Farms_Wedding-8 Richardson_Farms_Wedding-9 Richardson_Farms_Wedding-10 Richardson_Farms_Wedding-11 Richardson_Farms_Wedding-12 Richardson_Farms_Wedding-13 Richardson_Farms_Wedding-14 Richardson_Farms_Wedding-15 Richardson_Farms_Wedding-16 Richardson_Farms_Wedding-17 Richardson_Farms_Wedding-18 Richardson_Farms_Wedding-19 Richardson_Farms_Wedding-20 Richardson_Farms_Wedding-21 Richardson_Farms_Wedding-22 Richardson_Farms_Wedding-23 Richardson_Farms_Wedding-24 Richardson_Farms_Wedding-25 Richardson_Farms_Wedding-26

Venue: Richardson Farms

Cake: Sweet Freedom

Florist: Crimson & Clover

Video: Blacktie Video

DJ: Rich Bennett

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Lisa & Blake’s Wedding at Hillendale Country Club


Hillendale Country Club feels like its in our own backyard!  Actually it is!  You can hit a golf ball to it from the home base of Jackson Photography.  So it comes as no surprise that we LOVE to photograph there. Lucky for us, Lisa and Blake decided to host their momentous occasion at HCC.  these two, decked out in their pink, navy blue, and grey, were full of love, energy, and dancing!!

Hillendale_Country_Wedding-2 Hillendale_Country_Wedding-3 Hillendale_Country_Wedding-4 Hillendale_Country_Wedding-5 Hillendale_Country_Wedding-6 Hillendale_Country_Wedding-7 Hillendale_Country_Wedding-8 Hillendale_Country_Wedding-9 Hillendale_Country_Wedding-10 Hillendale_Country_Wedding-11 Hillendale_Country_Wedding-12 Hillendale_Country_Wedding-13 Hillendale_Country_Wedding-14 Hillendale_Country_Wedding-15 Hillendale_Country_Wedding-16 Hillendale_Country_Wedding-17 Hillendale_Country_Wedding-18 Hillendale_Country_Wedding-19 Hillendale_Country_Wedding-20 Hillendale_Country_Wedding-21 Hillendale_Country_Wedding-22 Hillendale_Country_Wedding-23 Hillendale_Country_Wedding-24 Hillendale_Country_Wedding-25 Hillendale_Country_Wedding-26 Hillendale_Country_Wedding-27 Hillendale_Country_Wedding-28 Hillendale_Country_Wedding-29 Hillendale_Country_Wedding-30 Hillendale_Country_Wedding-31 Hillendale_Country_Wedding-32 Hillendale_Country_Wedding-33 Hillendale_Country_Wedding-34 Hillendale_Country_Wedding-35 Hillendale_Country_Wedding-36 Hillendale_Country_Wedding-37 Hillendale_Country_Wedding-38 Hillendale_Country_Wedding-39

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Amy & Sean’s Wedding at Baltimore Country Club


Sometimes the stars just align! Perfect weather, light, venue, and a loving, gracious couple to photograph.  Amy and Sean’s wedding at the Baltimore Country Club was a marvelous day and a pleasure to capture!

BCC_Wedding-2 BCC_Wedding-3 BCC_Wedding-4 BCC_Wedding-5 BCC_Wedding-6 BCC_Wedding-7 BCC_Wedding-8 BCC_Wedding-9 BCC_Wedding-10 BCC_Wedding-11 BCC_Wedding-12 BCC_Wedding-13 BCC_Wedding-14 BCC_Wedding-15 BCC_Wedding-16 BCC_Wedding-17 BCC_Wedding-18 BCC_Wedding-19 BCC_Wedding-20 BCC_Wedding-21 BCC_Wedding-22 BCC_Wedding-23 BCC_Wedding-24 BCC_Wedding-25 BCC_Wedding-26 BCC_Wedding-27 BCC_Wedding-28 BCC_Wedding-29 BCC_Wedding-30 BCC_Wedding-31 BCC_Wedding-32 BCC_Wedding-33 BCC_Wedding-34

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Jason & Taylor’s Portrait at Four Seasons


We simply adore the Four Seasons in Baltimore for weddings, but we also love it for evening engagement sessions! The modern interior and grand views of the harbor make it a sight to see even when our precious sun goes down. Jason and Taylor soaked in the charm city sunset, danced in the dark, and strolled among the ships on this lovely evening in Baltimore.

Four_Seasons_Portrait-2 Four_Seasons_Portrait-3 Four_Seasons_Portrait-4 Four_Seasons_Portrait-5

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