Kumon Conference at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront


This is a great example of an international conference hosted at the Marriott Waterfront Hotel in Baltimore.  The days were filled with educational materials, while the evenings were filled with a host of activities and an abundance of color!

Marriott_Kumon_02 Marriott_Kumon_03 Marriott_Kumon_04 Marriott_Kumon_05 Marriott_Kumon_06 Marriott_Kumon_07 Marriott_Kumon_08 Marriott_Kumon_09 Marriott_Kumon_10 Marriott_Kumon_11 Marriott_Kumon_12 Marriott_Kumon_13 Marriott_Kumon_14 Marriott_Kumon_15 Marriott_Kumon_16 Marriott_Kumon_17 Marriott_Kumon_18 Marriott_Kumon_19 Marriott_Kumon_20 Marriott_Kumon_21 Marriott_Kumon_22 Marriott_Kumon_23 Marriott_Kumon_24 Marriott_Kumon_25 Marriott_Kumon_26 Marriott_Kumon_27 Marriott_Kumon_28 Marriott_Kumon_29 Marriott_Kumon_30 Marriott_Kumon_31 Marriott_Kumon_32 Marriott_Kumon_33 Marriott_Kumon_34 Marriott_Kumon_35 Marriott_Kumon_36 Marriott_Kumon_37 Marriott_Kumon_38 Marriott_Kumon_39 Marriott_Kumon_40

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