Grand Historic Venue

In 1867, the Grand Lodge of Maryland, having prospered for 80 years, began searching for a spot to build their second permanent headquarters. With their then-current location selected by the city of Baltimore for a courthouse extension, the Freemasons ultimately settled upon a plot of land along Charles Street a few blocks north of the bustling inner harbor. Upon the ground breaking a year later, many notable guests were in attendance for the ceremony, including President Andrew Johnson.

Over time, the lodge would experience a great deal of change. After weathering three serious fires around the turn of the century and being converted to an air raid shelter during the Second World War, the Masons eventually relocated in 1996. Although Tremont Suite Hotels purchased the property (conveniently adjacent to their location), city officials were in the process of condemning the building so a parking garage could be built in its place. Fortunately, both parties reached an agreement that not only created much-needed parking but saved the hallowed structure as well.

Today, they invite you to create your own history in lavish style. Whether a birthday, wedding or graduation, your event at the Grand Historic Venue will be one to remember. You’ll celebrate amidst breathtaking decor carefully re-created and restored to its original grandeur. So contact us today and ensure your occasion is one for the ages.


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