Kumon Conference at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront

This is a great example of an international conference hosted at the Marriott Waterfront Hotel in Baltimore.  The days were filled with educational materials, while the evenings were filled with a host of activities and an abundance of color!

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Brynn and Gerry’s Wedding at the Marriott Waterfront

Our bride looked stunning in her wedding gown! The groom is sporting special cuff links from Brynn and a good way to organize the guys is to give them socks labeled with their “job titles”! The Marriott Waterfront and staff was … Continue reading

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Joanna and Michael’s Wedding at Baltimore’s Marriott Waterfront

What a great time at the Marriott Waterfront.  Joanna teased Michael  before he could see her and then, what a sight to behold!  Great couple, gorgeous florals, ceremony decorations and reception eye candy by Flowers & Fancies.

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Meg and Benjamin’s Wedding at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront

What a gorgeous wedding for Meg and Benjamin at the Marriott Waterfront Hotel!  Coordination and communication are of course, essential for a successful wedding.  In this case, there was a very high degree of planning, thanks to coordinators Lori Rudolph, … Continue reading

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