Amanda & Adam’s Wedding at the American Visionary Art Museum


What a fun wedding! Amanda and Adam wore the purple, climbed the staircase (of the Harbor Court Hotel!), and cracked the egg (of AVAM!). This day (and night) simply had it all!

AVAM_Wedding-2 AVAM_Wedding-3 AVAM_Wedding-4 AVAM_Wedding-5 AVAM_Wedding-6 AVAM_Wedding-7 AVAM_Wedding-8 AVAM_Wedding-9 AVAM_Wedding-10 AVAM_Wedding-11 AVAM_Wedding-12 AVAM_Wedding-13 AVAM_Wedding-14 AVAM_Wedding-15 AVAM_Wedding-16 AVAM_Wedding-17 AVAM_Wedding-18 AVAM_Wedding-19 AVAM_Wedding-20 AVAM_Wedding-21 AVAM_Wedding-22 AVAM_Wedding-23 AVAM_Wedding-24 AVAM_Wedding-25 AVAM_Wedding-26 AVAM_Wedding-27 AVAM_Wedding-28 AVAM_Wedding-29 AVAM_Wedding-30 AVAM_Wedding-31 AVAM_Wedding-32 AVAM_Wedding-33 AVAM_Wedding-34 AVAM_Wedding-35 AVAM_Wedding-36 AVAM_Wedding-37 AVAM_Wedding-38 AVAM_Wedding-39 AVAM_Wedding-40

Wedding Details:

Pre-Wedding Venue: Royal Sonesta Harbor Court

Wedding Venue: AVAM

Caterer: Chef’s Expressions

Florals: Crimson & Clover

Music: Round Midnight (Entertainment Exchange)


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