Amy & Sean’s Wedding at Baltimore Country Club


Sometimes the stars just align! Perfect weather, light, venue, and a loving, gracious couple to photograph.  Amy and Sean’s wedding at the Baltimore Country Club was a marvelous day and a pleasure to capture!

BCC_Wedding-2 BCC_Wedding-3 BCC_Wedding-4 BCC_Wedding-5 BCC_Wedding-6 BCC_Wedding-7 BCC_Wedding-8 BCC_Wedding-9 BCC_Wedding-10 BCC_Wedding-11 BCC_Wedding-12 BCC_Wedding-13 BCC_Wedding-14 BCC_Wedding-15 BCC_Wedding-16 BCC_Wedding-17 BCC_Wedding-18 BCC_Wedding-19 BCC_Wedding-20 BCC_Wedding-21 BCC_Wedding-22 BCC_Wedding-23 BCC_Wedding-24 BCC_Wedding-25 BCC_Wedding-26 BCC_Wedding-27 BCC_Wedding-28 BCC_Wedding-29 BCC_Wedding-30 BCC_Wedding-31 BCC_Wedding-32 BCC_Wedding-33 BCC_Wedding-34

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