Britt and Adam’s Wedding at the Peabody Library


Our couple had the best time, they couldn’t stop laughing! There is so much fun to be had in the Mt. Vernon area, our couple, the wedding party and the families took advantage of it all.

Peabody_Wedding_02 Peabody_Wedding_03 Peabody_Wedding_04 Peabody_Wedding_05 Peabody_Wedding_06 Peabody_Wedding_07 Peabody_Wedding_08 Peabody_Wedding_09 Peabody_Wedding_10 Peabody_Wedding_11 Peabody_Wedding_12 Peabody_Wedding_13 Peabody_Wedding_14 Peabody_Wedding_15 Peabody_Wedding_16 Peabody_Wedding_17 Peabody_Wedding_18 Peabody_Wedding_19 Peabody_Wedding_20

The Peabody Library is one of our favorites. Soft daylight washed over their ceremony and nighttime quickly changed the look of everything.

Peabody_Wedding_21 Peabody_Wedding_22 Peabody_Wedding_23 Peabody_Wedding_24

Now the main room turns golden and sparkles for a festive reception.

Peabody_Wedding_25 Peabody_Wedding_26 Peabody_Wedding_27 Peabody_Wedding_28 Peabody_Wedding_29 Peabody_Wedding_30 Peabody_Wedding_31 Peabody_Wedding_32 Peabody_Wedding_33 Peabody_Wedding_34 Peabody_Wedding_35 Peabody_Wedding_36

It was high energy throughout!

Peabody_Wedding_37 Peabody_Wedding_38 Peabody_Wedding_39

Venue: Peabody Library

Caterer & Cake: Chef’s Expressions

Florals: Fine Florals by Linda


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