Brynn and Gerry’s Wedding at the Marriott Waterfront


Our bride looked stunning in her wedding gown!

Baltimore_Marriott_03 Baltimore_Marriott_04 Baltimore_Marriott_05 Baltimore_Marriott_06 Baltimore_Marriott_07 Baltimore_Marriott_08

The groom is sporting special cuff links from Brynn and a good way to organize the guys is to give them socks labeled with their “job titles”!

Baltimore_Marriott_09 Baltimore_Marriott_10 Baltimore_Marriott_11 Baltimore_Marriott_12 Baltimore_Marriott_13 Baltimore_Marriott_14 Baltimore_Marriott_15 Baltimore_Marriott_16 Baltimore_Marriott_17 Baltimore_Marriott_18 Baltimore_Marriott_19 Baltimore_Marriott_20 Baltimore_Marriott_21

The Marriott Waterfront and staff was excellent (as usual).

Baltimore_Marriott_22 Baltimore_Marriott_23 Baltimore_Marriott_24 Baltimore_Marriott_25 Baltimore_Marriott_26 Baltimore_Marriott_27 Baltimore_Marriott_28

This picture needs a bit of explaining. Gerry is a member of our law enforcement here in Maryland!

Baltimore_Marriott_29 Baltimore_Marriott_30

Great dancing all night long!

Baltimore_Marriott_31 Baltimore_Marriott_32 Baltimore_Marriott_33 Baltimore_Marriott_34

Bryn’s dress is a little the worse for wear (did I mention lots of dancing with this group?)

Baltimore_Marriott_35 Baltimore_Marriott_36 Baltimore_Marriott_37

Venue: Baltimore Marriott Waterfront

Entertainment: Crow Entertainment

Florals: My Flower Box

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