Jennifer and Josh’s Wedding at the Gramercy Mansion


What I initially thought was going to be a cloudy, rainy day for Jennifer and Josh’s wedding turned out to be the bluest sky I’ve ever seen. The sun was out shining just like the beautiful couple!

Gramercy_Wedding_02 Gramercy_Wedding_03 Gramercy_Wedding_04 Gramercy_Wedding_05 Gramercy_Wedding_06 Gramercy_Wedding_07 Gramercy_Wedding_08 Gramercy_Wedding_09 Gramercy_Wedding_10 Gramercy_Wedding_11 Gramercy_Wedding_12 Gramercy_Wedding_13 Gramercy_Wedding_14 Gramercy_Wedding_15 Gramercy_Wedding_16 Gramercy_Wedding_17 Gramercy_Wedding_18 Gramercy_Wedding_19 Gramercy_Wedding_20 Gramercy_Wedding_21 Gramercy_Wedding_22 Gramercy_Wedding_23 Gramercy_Wedding_24 Gramercy_Wedding_25 Gramercy_Wedding_26 Gramercy_Wedding_27 Gramercy_Wedding_28 Gramercy_Wedding_29 Gramercy_Wedding_30 Gramercy_Wedding_31 Gramercy_Wedding_32 Gramercy_Wedding_33 Gramercy_Wedding_34 Gramercy_Wedding_35 Gramercy_Wedding_36 Gramercy_Wedding_37 Gramercy_Wedding_38 Gramercy_Wedding_39

Wedding Details:

Venue: Gramercy Mansion

Caterer: Linwoods

Florals: Flowers and Fancies

Ceremony & Cocktail Music: Antares Musicians

DJ: Louie and Freddie Crisostomo

Hair and Makeup: Beyond Brides


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