Jim & Stuart’s Wedding at Harbor Court


Everything was perfect at the Royal Sonesta Harbor Court and our guys were delightful! The ceremony was in Brighton’s, which was a great choice.

Harbor_Court_Wedding_02 Harbor_Court_Wedding_03 Harbor_Court_Wedding_04 Harbor_Court_Wedding_05 Harbor_Court_Wedding_06 Harbor_Court_Wedding_07 Harbor_Court_Wedding_08

In lieu of traditional wedding bands, Stuart gave Jim a ring containing a gold Chinese coin from his father’s collection which commemorates their trip to Beijing to hear Jim’s favorite opera “Turendot”. Jim gave Stuart a ring containing a coin from third century BC purchased by Jim in Jerusalem.


The Explorer’s Lounge is lush with exotic wall paintings and travel memorabilia. It’s a great location for cocktail hour.


Reception was down the hall in the Hampton Ballroom, an elegantly appointed room with a great view of the Inner Harbor at night.

Harbor_Court_Wedding_11 Harbor_Court_Wedding_12 Harbor_Court_Wedding_13 Harbor_Court_Wedding_14 Harbor_Court_Wedding_15 Harbor_Court_Wedding_16 Harbor_Court_Wedding_17 Harbor_Court_Wedding_18 Harbor_Court_Wedding_19 Harbor_Court_Wedding_20

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Royal Sonesta Harbor Court Hotel

Florals: JJ Cummings

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