Krista and Jeremy’s Wedding at The Oaks


It was a beautiful day on the Eastern Shore. Krista is surprised by a special gift from Jeremy as she prepares in a quaint cottage on the grounds of the Oaks.

The_Oaks_Wedding_02 The_Oaks_Wedding_03 The_Oaks_Wedding_04 The_Oaks_Wedding_05 The_Oaks_Wedding_06 The_Oaks_Wedding_07 The_Oaks_Wedding_08 The_Oaks_Wedding_09 The_Oaks_Wedding_10

Young family members announce the beginning of their ceremony at nearby St. Michael’s Mission Church.

The_Oaks_Wedding_11 The_Oaks_Wedding_12 The_Oaks_Wedding_13 The_Oaks_Wedding_14 The_Oaks_Wedding_15 The_Oaks_Wedding_16 The_Oaks_Wedding_17 The_Oaks_Wedding_18 The_Oaks_Wedding_19 The_Oaks_Wedding_20 The_Oaks_Wedding_21 The_Oaks_Wedding_22 The_Oaks_Wedding_23 The_Oaks_Wedding_24

Back at the Oaks, every detail is ready right down to the striped straws!

The_Oaks_Wedding_25 The_Oaks_Wedding_26 The_Oaks_Wedding_27 The_Oaks_Wedding_28 The_Oaks_Wedding_29 The_Oaks_Wedding_30

Our bride and groom arrive by…. boat, of course and a fine time was had by all.

The_Oaks_Wedding_31 The_Oaks_Wedding_32 The_Oaks_Wedding_33 The_Oaks_Wedding_34 The_Oaks_Wedding_35 The_Oaks_Wedding_36

Ceremony Venue: St. Michael’s Mission Church

Reception Venue: The Oaks

Florals and Design: Celebrations Unlimited

Makeup: Michelle Lewis

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