Lauren and Josh’s Wedding at Royal Sonesta Harbor Court


It was Harbor Court and the Inner Harbor all the way for Lauren and Josh on their big day.

Harbor_Court_Wedding_02 Harbor_Court_Wedding_03 Harbor_Court_Wedding_04 Harbor_Court_Wedding_05


This couple could be excellent candidates for a Baltimore Magazine picture story!

Harbor_Court_Wedding_08 Harbor_Court_Wedding_07 Harbor_Court_Wedding_06

Harbor_Court_Wedding_10 Harbor_Court_Wedding_14 Harbor_Court_Wedding_13 Harbor_Court_Wedding_12 Harbor_Court_Wedding_11 Harbor_Court_Wedding_23 Harbor_Court_Wedding_16 Harbor_Court_Wedding_19

The Hamptons room provides wonderful soft window light for a daytime ceremony.

Harbor_Court_Wedding_18 Harbor_Court_Wedding_20 Harbor_Court_Wedding_21 Harbor_Court_Wedding_22 Harbor_Court_Wedding_25 Harbor_Court_Wedding_24 Harbor_Court_Wedding_26 Harbor_Court_Wedding_17 Harbor_Court_Wedding_27 Harbor_Court_Wedding_28

The Whitehall ballroom also has those classic arched windows with a spectacular view of the harbor.

Harbor_Court_Wedding_29 Harbor_Court_Wedding_30

Venue and Catering: Royal Sonesta Harbor Court

Flowers: JJ Cummings

Cake: Sugar Bakers

Music: Jumper

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