Rachel and Glen’s Wedding at Antrim 1844


The Antrim is one of our favorite venues and this couple is one of our favorites too! They were so enthusiastic you would never know it was in the high 90s this day.

Antrim_Wedding_Maryland_02 Antrim_Wedding_Maryland_03 Antrim_Wedding_Maryland_04 Antrim_Wedding_Maryland_05 Antrim_Wedding_Maryland_06 Antrim_Wedding_Maryland_07 Antrim_Wedding_Maryland_08 Antrim_Wedding_Maryland_09 Antrim_Wedding_Maryland_10 Antrim_Wedding_Maryland_11 Antrim_Wedding_Maryland_12 Antrim_Wedding_Maryland_13 Antrim_Wedding_Maryland_14 Antrim_Wedding_Maryland_15 Antrim_Wedding_Maryland_16 Antrim_Wedding_Maryland_17 Antrim_Wedding_Maryland_18

Everything was light and fun during the reception, right down to the ”Lucky in Love” lottery ticket favors.

Antrim_Wedding_Maryland_19 Antrim_Wedding_Maryland_20 Antrim_Wedding_Maryland_21 Antrim_Wedding_Maryland_22 Antrim_Wedding_Maryland_23 Antrim_Wedding_Maryland_24 Antrim_Wedding_Maryland_25

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