Rachel & Matt’s Wedding and the Grand Historic Venue


We had so much fun photographing and filming our couple from a portrait and “save the date” session in the winter with snow falling to their early fall nuptials. Within ten minutes of first meeting them it’s obvious that Rachel and Matt are very, very much in love. Both bride and groom were active in the wedding planning process and as a result, their wedding day was rich with elements that had personal meaning to them.

Tremont_Baltimore_Wedding_02 Tremont_Baltimore_Wedding_03 Tremont_Baltimore_Wedding_04 Tremont_Baltimore_Wedding_05 Tremont_Baltimore_Wedding_06 Tremont_Baltimore_Wedding_07 Tremont_Baltimore_Wedding_08 Tremont_Baltimore_Wedding_09 Tremont_Baltimore_Wedding_10

A “groom” can sometimes be overshadowed by the events of the day and all the attention bestowed on the bride. Matt was no “extra” in this production!

Tremont_Baltimore_Wedding_11 Tremont_Baltimore_Wedding_12 Tremont_Baltimore_Wedding_13  Tremont_Baltimore_Wedding_15 Tremont_Baltimore_Wedding_16 Tremont_Baltimore_Wedding_17 Tremont_Baltimore_Wedding_18 Tremont_Baltimore_Wedding_19 Tremont_Baltimore_Wedding_20 Tremont_Baltimore_Wedding_21 Tremont_Baltimore_Wedding_22 Tremont_Baltimore_Wedding_23 Tremont_Baltimore_Wedding_24 Tremont_Baltimore_Wedding_25 Tremont_Baltimore_Wedding_26 Tremont_Baltimore_Wedding_27 Tremont_Baltimore_Wedding_28 Tremont_Baltimore_Wedding_29 Tremont_Baltimore_Wedding_30 Tremont_Baltimore_Wedding_31 Tremont_Baltimore_Wedding_32

Bruce Springsteen songs ruled the dance floor!

Tremont_Baltimore_Wedding_33 Tremont_Baltimore_Wedding_34 Tremont_Baltimore_Wedding_35

Rachel has an incredible voice, wow!

Tremont_Baltimore_Wedding_36 Tremont_Baltimore_Wedding_37 Tremont_Baltimore_Wedding_38

Pre-Wedding Venue (Getting Ready): Embassy Suites

Ceremony, Reception Venue & Catering: Grand Historic Venue

Florist: My Flower Box

Cake: Carvel

Music: Free Spirit (Entertainment Exchange)

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