Tori and Matt’s Wedding at Baltimore’s Peabody Library

bride's gown and flowers

This was a day rich in gorgeous sights!  The bridal gown design was remarkable and Tori looked absolutely striking.  The rich colors and variety of flowers was quite unique and drew plenty of “ooohs and aaahs”… thank you, Flowers & Fancies.

bride posing by green ivy

groom and groomsmen walking down alley

Matt and his crew had some fun looking deadly serious on their approach.  The First and Franklin Church, built in the 1850s is in the Gothic Revival style.  The recently renovated interior is breathtaking and the organ music played was suitably grand.

groom in front of brownstone church

sepia toned wedding ceremony

bridal party in mount vernon square

Our couple and their bridal party stopped at Mt. Vernon Square for some pictures before entering the George Peabody Library for their reception.

bride and groom walking through mount vernon square

bride and groom in mount vernon square

bride and groom in front of the washington monument

elaborate table set up at peabody library

Speaking again of remarkable architecture, the Peabody Library stack room is ringed with five tiers of ornamental balconies and has been one of the most sought-after venues in Baltimore.  Exquisite dining was provided by Chef’s Expressions.  Their culinary creativity is always a highlight for guests and for me.

cake and invitation at peabody library

bride and groom's table

bride and groom's first dance

bride and groom on peabody's spiral staircase

If you have been to the Peabody before, you probably don’t recognize this spiral staircase.  It is actually part of the Peabody Conservatory of Music.

Bride and groom posing by staircase and Washington Monument

bride and groom in Baltimore at night

Tori and Matt finish off their very memorable day with a stroll around the Washington Monument in the cool of the night.

bride and groom in Baltimore at night

Wedding Details – Venue: The George Peabody Library | Catering & Cake: Chef’s Expressions | Flowers: Flowers & Fancies

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  • Love looking threw the spiral stairs keep up the good work