Trisha & Tim’s Wedding at the Elkridge Furnace Inn

Elkridge_Wedding_01 Elkridge_Wedding_02 Elkridge_Wedding_03 Elkridge_Wedding_04

Love your red hair, Trisha! There was a feel of a gorgeous elegant bygone era about this wedding.

Elkridge_Wedding_05 Elkridge_Wedding_06 Elkridge_Wedding_07 Elkridge_Wedding_08

Well…. Natty Boh cufflinks do bring this soiree into the 20th century.

Elkridge_Wedding_09 Elkridge_Wedding_10 Elkridge_Wedding_11 Elkridge_Wedding_12 Elkridge_Wedding_13 Elkridge_Wedding_14 Elkridge_Wedding_15 Elkridge_Wedding_16 Elkridge_Wedding_17 Elkridge_Wedding_18 Elkridge_Wedding_19 Elkridge_Wedding_20 Elkridge_Wedding_21 Elkridge_Wedding_22 Elkridge_Wedding_23 Elkridge_Wedding_24

The Elkridge Furnace Inn certainly takes us back a century or so!

Elkridge_Wedding_25 Elkridge_Wedding_26 Elkridge_Wedding_27

Our couple had an after-party at Mick O’Shea’s, a bar with a special place in the hearts of Trisha and Tim.

Elkridge_Wedding_28 Elkridge_Wedding_29

Ceremony Venu: Cathedral of Mary Our Queen

Reception Venue, Planning, & Cake: Elkridge Furnace Inn

Florist: Severna Flowers & Gifts

Music: Sly 45

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